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Dunbrooke offers a complete package of product innovation, service and delivery. They understand success accumulates with every spot-on, full-service apparel solution that fits your needs like a glove. Dunbrooke is a true one stop shop for all your apparel needs.


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A958 Men's "Performer" Jacket                                                        Dunbrooke A958 Men's "Performer" Jacket  
3331 "Eclipse" Men's D-Dry Moisture Wicking Polo                             Dunbrooke 3331 Eclipse D-Dry Polo
3338 "Newport" Men's 60/40 D-Dry Moisture Wicking Polo                   Dunbrooke 3338 Men's Newport 60/40 D-Dry Polo           
3339 "Lady Newport" 60/40 D-Dry Moisture Wicking Polo                    Dunbrooke 3339 Lady Newport D-Dry Polo
3340 "Ledger" Men's 5.6 oz. Moisture Wicking Polo                            Dunbrooke 3340 "Ledger" 5.5 oz. Polyester Polo
3341 "Lady Ledger" 5.6 oz. Moisture Wicking Polo                               Dunbrooke 3341 "Lady Ledger" Moisture Wicking Polo
3361 "Omni" 60/40 Men's 5.5 oz. Polo                                              
3368 "Birkshire"  Men's 80/20 5.4 oz. Micro-Denier Polyester Polo       Dunbrooke 3368 "Birkshire" 80/20 Polo
3515 "Hayden" Full-Zip 5.5 oz. Polar Fleece Jacket                            Dunbrooke "Hayden" 3515 Full Zip Fleece Jacket
3533 "Cascade" Quarter Zip Fleece Pullover                                      Dunbrooke 3533 Cascade Men's Quarter Zip Fleece Pullover
3545 "Player" 60/40 D-Dry Polo                                                        Dunbrooke 3545 "Player" 60/40 D-Dry Polo
3547 "Lady Player" 60/40 5.5 oz. D-Dry 3/4 Sleeve Polo                     Dunbrooke "Lady Player" D-Dry 60/40 Polo
3549 "S/S Lady Player 60/40 5.5 oz. D-Dry Short Sleeve Polo             Dunbrooke 3549 "S/S Lady Player D-Dry Polo
3560 Men's "Team Polo" 4.3 oz. D-Dry Performance Sport Shirt          Dunbrooke 3560 Men's Team Polo D-Dry Sport Shirt
5208 Men's Full Zip Water Resistant Soft Shell Jacket                        Dunbrooke 5208 Men's Soft Shell Jacket
5209 Ladies'  Full Zip Water Resistant Soft Shell Jacket                     Dunbrooke 5209 Ladies' Softshell Jacket
5525 Men's Moisture D-Dry Performance T-Shirt                                 Dunbrooke 5525 Mens Performance T-Shirt   
8006 "Compass" Rip-Stop Water Resistant Hooded Jacket                 Dunbrooke 8006 "Compass" Rip-Stop Water Resistant Hooded Jacket
8008 "Relay" Wind and Water Resistant Hooded Jacket                     Dunbrooke 8008 Wind and Water Resistant Lined Jacket
8017 "Lady Savannah" Wind & Water Resistant Hooded Jacket           Dunbrooke 8017 "Lady Savannah" Wind and Water Resistant Hooded Jacket
8022 "Glacier" Men's Full-Zip Fleece-Lined Jacket                               Dunbrooke 8022 Men's Glacier Fleece-Lined Jacket
8046 "Falcon Ridge" Microfiber Golf Jacket                                       
8049 "St. Andrews" Windshirt                                                           Dunbrooke 8049 "St Andrews" Windshirt
8058 "Triumph" Wind and Water Resistant  Full-Zip Jacket                  Dunbrooke 8058 Men's Triumph Jacket
8059 "Fairway" Windshirt                                                                  Dunbrooke 8059 "Fairway" Windshirt
8078 "Tin Cup" Windshirt                                                                 
8079 "Arctic" Fleece-Lined Heavy Weight Jacket                                Dunbrooke 8079 "Arctic Hooded Heavy Weight Jacket
8143 "Avalon" Oxford Check Dress Shirt                                            Dunbrooke 8143

"Lady Avalon" Oxford Shirt                                                        Dunbrooke 8145 Lady Avalon

8148 "Milestone" Men's 100% Cotton Twill Shirt                                 Dunbrooke 8148 Milestone Cotton Shirt
8149 "Milestone" Ladies Short Sleeve Fine-Line Twill                            Dunbrooke 8149
8150 "Milestone" Ladies' Long Sleeve Fine-Line Twill                            Dunbrooke 8150
8340 "Edmonton" Hooded Wind and Water Resistant Jacket                Dunbrooke 8340 Men's Edmonton Systems Jacket
8443 "Teton"  Men's Three- In-One Jacket    DISCONTINUED               Dunbrooke 8443 Men's Teton 3-in-1 Jacket
8449 "Lady Express" Jacket                                                              Dunbrooke 8449 Lady Express Jacket
8465 "Yukon" Wind and Water Resistant Jacket                                 Dunbrooke 8465 Yukon Wind Water Resistant Hooded Jacket
8469 Men's "Harbour" Jacket                                                            Dunbrooke 8468 "Harbour" Jacket
8485 Men's "Catalina" MicroFleece-Lined Puffy Jacket                        Dunbrooke 8485 Men's Catalina Fleece-Lined Puffy Jacket
8486 Lady "Catalina" MicroFleece-Lined Puffy Jacket                          Dunbrooke 8486 Ladies Fleece-Lined Puffy Jacket
8496 "Craftsman" Thermal Insulated Hooded Jacket                            Dunbrooke 8496
8498 "Tradesman" Thermal Insulated Canvas Jacket                           Dunbrooke 8498 Tradesman Insulated Canvas Jacket
8499 "Cumberland" Hooded Jacket                                                    Dunbrooke 8499 Cumberland Jacket
8601 "Camden" Men's Hooded Soft Shell Jacket                                 Dunbrooke 8601 Mens Camden Hooded Soft Shell jacket
8602 Ladies' "Camden" Hooded Soft Shell Jacket                               Dunbrooke 8602 Ladies Camden Hooded Soft Shell Jacket
9503 The "Ryder" Microfiber Unlined Windshirt                                  


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Over the past 75 years, Dunbrooke Apparel Corp. has borne witness to several changes, encompassing everything from its products to its name. In 1939, Dunhill Shirt Company began in a small town in the state of Missouri. There, in a small manufacturing shop, Dunhill manufactured the finest quality shirts and sold to various local and regional companies. In the 1950's, the company changed its name to Dunbrooke Shirt Company and began manufacturing nylon jackets for Korean War soldiers for the U.S. Government. In 1971, the company, under its new name, Dunbrooke Sportswear, began manufacturing all types of high quality apparel from dress shirts to bowling shirts and nylon gym shorts to jackets.

In 2003, the company changed its name to Dunbrooke Apparel Corp. Operating from its Missouri headquarters, Dunbrooke also has state-of-the-art decorating and distribution centers located in Missouri and Texas. Today Dunbrooke offers a full line of high quality products including jackets, knits, wovens, t-shirts, fleece, bags, headwear, and towels. Its brands include Dunbrooke, Westark USA, Reebok, Eagle Dry Goods, Calvin Klein, Tommy Bahama, and Van Heusen. In addition, Dunbrooke is a leading manufacturer and distributor of licensed jackets for the National Football League and the National Hockey League.

Its brick and mortar may have changed during the past 75 years, but Dunbrooke's commitment to quality product has never wavered. What began as a dress shirt company in 1939 has grown to become one of the nation's premiere apparel manufacturers in the promotional products and retail industries.